Before the atrophy gets us.jpg

Before the atrophy gets us;  Acrylic on canvas;  30 x 30 inches

Lovers in time for dinner.jpg

Lovers in time for dinner;  Acrylic on canvas;  36 x 36 inches

Everything has it's time_acrylic on canv

Everything has its time;   Acrylic on canvas;  48 x 42 inches

2019-11-07 02.04.51 1.jpg

The past is a foreign place; Acrylic on canvas;  36 x 36 inches

Before I go away_30 x 30 inches_acrylic

Before i go away; Acrylic on canvas;  30 x 30 inches

2019-08-31 05.14.26 2.jpg

Pure energy (if only);  Acrylic on canvas;  36 x 36  inches