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Rithika is a contemporary visual artist from Mumbai. Her nomadic practice situates her between her home in India and the UK. 

Her work draws from the personal, mythological, and scientific to navigate the liminal or inconspicuous spaces within our contemporary cultural and technological entanglements. Foregrounding issues around hybridity, displacement, futurity, and femininity, her narrative worlds become sacred spaces holding events where boundaries are transgressed, and mystical transformations are imminent. These imagined worlds propose interstellar realities and futures, occupied by significant, elaborately dressed and sensitive bodies who speak in metaphors, as well as other sentient beings that share a profoundly embodied relationship with
each other and the space around them. Her work focuses on the nature of companionship and the possibilities of a future that goes beyond apocalypse as an endpoint, where ancestral and internalised anxieties can be unpacked to give way to softer, integrated, and symbolic ways of being.

Currently, in her practice, she is exploring ideas that centre around creation myths, wombs as thresholds/liminal space of Transformation and divine femininity that is represented as imaginary mothers, destroyers and emancipators. 


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